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Keithcare Inc. was founded by Judy Mullin as a micro-board in 2005 to support her son, Keith. Keithcare has since grown to support many more people as a DIDD provider agency, however Keith's legacy lives on in the services provided by Keithcare today.


Keith was an amazing young man; his doctors called him a miracle, and his family called him their “Sunshine” because he had a way of brightening one’s day with his incredible upbeat attitude and big smile. 

Keith was diagnosed with AML, an aggressive form of leukemia. The doctors told his family he “might” make it through Christmas, his favorite holiday.  Some of his family flew from California to Tennessee for an early Christmas, just to make sure he was surrounded by those he cherishes for a final holiday.  His doctors were amazed by the fact that he had defied the odds and continued to be upbeat and happy despite his diagnosis. 

One reason Keith was so happy was that he loved everyone and everything without reservation.  He had an extraordinary memory and recalled things of the past with such amazing clarity.  He enjoyed reminiscing with his friends and family.  He was surrounded with a loving family his entire life and had no bad memories to recall, which validated his sense of worthiness and acceptance.  He was a source of great joy to his two sets of parents, four sisters and one brother, along with a very big extended family and too many friends to count. 

Another reason Keith was so happy was that he had no idea that he was so sick.  He wasn't worried about his physical condition. He didn’t worry about the future, but relished the past and the good times he remembered so fondly. 

Keith was a dreamer – he aspired for a long time to be an astronaut, then decided he would like to be a locomotive engineer.  That dream was realized when the Tennessee Valley Railroad honored him with the opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat and be an engineer for a day, complete with hat and whistle.  Another dream he had was to ride a horse, which he was able to do through Hixson Therapeutic Riders Association.  His smile was never wider than when he was on “his” horse. The realization of Keith's dreams and his accomplishments are the heart of Keithcare Inc. and drive all that we do for the people we support.

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